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Migrant X is Not a Vessel: My Belly is Mine at the Irish Embassy

My Belly is Mine attended the protest yesterday evening outside the Irish Embassy in London. The protest was co-organized by Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. and Abortion Rights East London to demonstrate against the barbaric treatment at the hands of the Irish Government of the woman known as Migrant X, a non-Irish citizen who was pregnant as a consequence of rape. According to reports, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons,  sought an abortion early this summer under a clause in the new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, saying that she was suicidal.

The case was referred to a panel of three experts — an obstetrician and two psychiatrists. The psychiatrists determined that Migrant X had suicidal thoughts, but the obstetrician overruled their decision by stating the pregnancy was viable. The unnamed woman, who is only 18, went on hunger strike and was eventually forced to give birth via a caesarean section.

My Belly is Mine attended in solidarity with the women of Ireland and performed alongside activists Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A.

Speakers at the protest included: Jo Tacon from Abortion Rights East London, Mara Clarke from Abortion Support Network, Ann Rossiter from Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., Mairead Enright from Lawyers for Choice, and Cristina Ríos from My Belly is Mine. Cristina spoke of the cooperation between Irish and Spanish prochoice activists in London historically and at present. Indeed, there was a strong presence of Spanish women in the crowd, mostly from the Spanish Women’s Assembly.

My Belly is Mine has signed the statement by Reproductive Health Matters, calling on the Irish Government to repeal the 8th Amendment and to replace the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act with a law that prioritises women’s health and rights.

Here are some photos by Luca Neve and by Heather Blockey of the protest. More photos and a video to come.

Doctors for Choice express shock and outrage at ordeal of woman denied an abortion

My Belly is Mine will be attending the protest at the Irish Embassy in London on Wednesday, 20 of August at 6pm. Here is the link to the event, created by Abortion Rights East London:

Doctors for Choice Ireland

While acknowledging the incomplete and uncertain facts in this tragic case, Doctors for Choice believe certain urgent questions arise that need to be addressed:

1 Why was the woman involved denied access to abortion?
2 Was she faciltated to avail of a panel assessment and an appeal?
3 Did the panel certify eligibility? If not why no appeal? If so why was abortion not carried out? Was there a delay in certifying eligibilty in order for the gestation to exceed 24 weeks?
4 Why was her consent to an abortion and refusal to consent to a cesarean not vindicated by HSE or courts?
5 On what grounds was an hydration order made?’

These questions raise very disturbing possibilities for the abuse of a vulnerable adult. There seem to have been reasonable grounds for the HSE to suspect that neglect of this young woman’s need to access an abortion would result in significant…

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Spanish Women in Limbo Over Abortion Law

“No insult will deter me from my commitment to protect the rights of the unborn”, Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón defiantly stated in February this year. This statement came two months after the Spanish Government announced its proposal to amend the country’s current abortion law in order to implement an almost blanket ban on pregnancy terminations. Despite continual protests against the bill organized by feminist and prochoice organizations in major Spanish cities and towns, manifestos defending a woman’s right to choose, condemnation by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, and surveys expressing the Spanish population’s unhappiness with the proposed antiabortion law, Gallardón remained steadfast in his determination to pass the regressive draft bill.

Spanish Justice Minister, Albert Ruíz-Gallardón

An Unpopular Bill

However, as reported on this blog, the Spanish Cabinet has had at least four clear opportunities to present the bill in parliament for debate and voting. On these four occasions (the 25th of June, the 1st and 8th of July and the 1st of August) the bill was conspicuous by its absence in Cabinet meetings. Gallardón claimed the delay was caused by the Presidency and Vice-presidency’s office, which is responsible for setting the Cabinet’s agenda. Spanish media, on the other hand, speculated members within Gallardón’s own party, the conservative ruling People’s Party (Partido Popular), were stalling the bill due to an unwillingness to endanger their own political careers on such controversial legislation.

Toying with the Rights of Women in Spain

The Spanish Government’s next Cabinet meeting is Friday 29th of August, the first after the summer recess. Political analysts explain that the bill must be passed on this date or early September to avoid it coinciding with the Popular Party‘s electoral campaign in the upcoming autonomic and municipal elections in May 2015. Otherwise the bill will most definitely be postponed until the general election in November 2015. Women in Spain, feminist and prochoice organizations remain hopeful yet vigilant. The Madrid Feminist Assembly stated it was tired of the Government toying with the rights of women and has organised a national protest for the 28th of September, the global day for action for access to safe and legal abortion. My Belly is Mine will be supporting this action alongside other prochoice organizations in an event in London, soon to be announced.

My Belly is Mine in Wombastic!

My Belly is Mine are very proud to feature in Wombastic Tumblr, an amazingly creative tumblr which showcases the work of illustrators, artists and photographers, who all use art to fight against the Spanish antiabortion legislation in the most imaginative ways possible.

The photographs of My Belly is Mine campaigner Amanda Lundstedt with Big Ben in the background were taken by Spanish photographer Cristina Cuevas for the “Spot the Difference” campaign. These contrasting photos of Amanda are now part of the Wombastic Tumblr. We use many of the fantastic images from the tumblr on our blog. Here’s a selection but be sure to check out the web page for yourself.


La historia se repite: Activismo pro-elección irlandés y español en Londres en los años 80 y ahora (VIDEO)

Feministas británicas, españolas e irlandesas de los colectivos pro-elección My Belly is Mine, Asamblea de mujeres y Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., llevaron a cabo una acción de protesta el 2 de agosto en el centro de Londres, para dar a conocer el proyecto de ley anti-aborto en España, conocido como ‘ley de Gallardón’. El proyecto de ley será pronto presentado en el Congreso español. La acción también supuso la presentación oficial del nuevo grupo Spanish Women’s Abortion Support Group (SWASG 2.0), que tiene como objetivo proporcionar apoyo en la práctica a las mujeres que viajen desde el Estado Español a Londres para interrumpir su embarazo si el proyecto de ley pasase. Este grupo de apoyo es el Nodo Londres de la Red Internacional Federica Montseny, iniciativa desarrollada por las feministas españolas en Berlín.

Grupos de apoyo al aborto en Londres en los años 80

Ésta no es la primera vez que un grupo de apoyo como SWASG 2.0 ha existido en Londres. Abortion Support Network actualmente ayuda a miles de mujeres al año procedentes de Irlanda a practicarse abortos en el Reino Unido. El aborto nunca ha sido despenalizado en la República de Irlanda, mientras que en España, el acceso al aborto está disponible desde 2010 y ahora se encuentra bajo amenaza por el proyecto de ley contra el aborto. A principios de los años 80, Ann Rossiter e Isabel Ros López, activistas irlandesa y española, ayudaron a establecer en la capital británica el Irish Women’s Abortion Support Group (IWASG) y el Spanish Women’s Abortion Support Group (SWASG) respectivamente. En 1982, 21.000 mujeres vinieron de España a tener abortos en Inglaterra, y más de 8.000 mujeres de Irlanda -de las que 6.000 procedían de la República y 2.000 de Irlanda del Norte.

Las actuales defensoras pro-elección tienen ahora la oportunidad de escuchar a Ann e Isabel explicar el por qué y cómo se configuraron los grupos de apoyo al aborto irlandés y español. En esta película, La historia se repite, producida por My Belly is Mine, Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. y la London Irish Feminist Network (LIFN), entrevistamos a Ann e Isabel en La Biblioteca Feminista (Londres). Ann recuerda:

“Con todas estas mujeres llegando … nos preguntábamos qué demonios podríamos hacer. Y es importante decir que esto era a muy pequeña escala. Según los estándares de hoy en día, las cosas eran bastante primitivas.”

Ann e Isabel comparten sus experiencias como voluntarias en ambos grupos de apoyo: describen la organización y el día a día de estas actividades de apoyo, cómo se las arreglaron para obtener acuerdos especiales para las mujeres en las clínicas y recaudar fondos y describen el espíritu de cooperación internacional de las activistas pro-elección en aquel momento. Ann también pone la alerta sobre las decisiones difíciles y los costos financieros que las mujeres españolas tendrán que soportar si se aprueba la ley antiaborto de Gallardón.

La historia se repite: una nueva ola de activismo pro-elección irlandés y español en Londres

Ann e Isabel a menudo colaboran con Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. y My Belly is Mine en las acciones pro-elección. Isabel también asesora a SWASG 2.0. De hecho, el nombre de SWASG 2.0 fue elegido como un homenaje a la labor de Isabel y sus colegas. No sólo se forjan conexiones nacionales en esta actual ola de activismo pro-elección irlandés y español en la capital británica, sino también intergeneracionales.

Traducción: Vicky Barambones (Asamblea de mujeres)

Our Summer Campaign Continues…

Yesterday, we protested in central London once more against the barbaric antiabortion law proposed by the Spanish government. The action was jointly organized by My Belly is Mine, the Spanish Women’s Assembly and Irish prochoice activists Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. and took place beside one of London’s most iconic bridges, Tower Bridge, opposite the Tower of London.

Yesterday’s action is the fourth co-organized by Spanish, Irish and British activists as part of an intense summer campaign to protest against the Spanish antiabortion draft bill from London. Previously, we protested during the British Spanish Society’s summer reception at the Spanish Embassy in Belgravia, on the 27th of June  -again in front of the Spanish Embassy, and in the London Underground.

Our protests will continue until the law is withdrawn.

Photography: Elisa and Andrea (Spanish Women’s Assembly)

Nuestra campaña de verano continúa…

Ayer protestamos de nuevo en pleno centro de Londres contra el anteproyecto de Gallardón. La protesta, realizada conjuntamente por la Asamblea de mujeres del 15M de Londres, las activistas irlandesas Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. y My Belly is Mine, se desarrolló al lado de uno de los puentes más emblemáticos de la ciudad, el Puente de la Torre (Tower Bridge), un puente levadizo que cruza el río Támesis y que se sitúa cerca de la Torre de Londres, la que le da su nombre.

Esta cuarta acción es la última de una intensa campaña veraniega organizada conjuntamente por activistas españolas, irlandesas y británicas para protestar en contra de la ley Gallardón desde la capital británica. Previamente nos manifestamos ante la embajada española en Londres durante la fiesta de la Asociación hispano-británica, el 27 de junio, y en el metro de Londres.

Las protestas continuarán hasta la retirada del anteproyecto.

Fotografías: Elisa y Andrea (Asamblea de mujeres)

Repeating Histories: Irish and Spanish Prochoice Activism in London in the 80s and Now (VIDEO)

British, Spanish and Irish feminist prochoice collectives My Belly is Mine, the Spanish Women’s Assembly and Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. will perform a protest action on the 2nd of August in central London to raise awareness of the Spanish anti-abortion bill, known as Gallardón’s law. The bill is soon to be presented in the Spanish Parliament. The action will also officially launch the new Spanish Women’s Abortion Support Group (SWASG 2.0), which aims to provide practical assistance for Spanish women travelling abroad to terminate pregnancies, should the bill be passed. This support group is the London branch of the International Federica Montseny Network, an initiative developed by Spanish feminists in Berlin.

Abortion Support Groups in London the 80s

This is not the first time a support group such as SWASG 2.0 has operated in London. Abortion Support Network currently helps many women from Ireland to have abortions in the UK each year. Abortion has never been decriminalised in the Irish Republic, whilst in Spain, abortion on request up till 14 weeks has only been available since 2010 and is now under threat by the antiabortion bill. In the early 80s, Ann Rossiter and Isabel Ros López, Irish and Spanish activists, both helped to set up the Irish Women’s Abortion Support Group (IWASG) and the Spanish Women’s Abortion Support Group (SWASG) respectively. In 1982, a staggering 21,000 women came from Spain to have abortions in England; over 8000 women came from Ireland, approximately 6000 of them from the Republic and the other 2000 from the six counties.

Prochoice campaigners now have the opportunity to hear Ann and Isabel explain why and how they set up the Irish and Spanish abortion support groups. The film Repeating Histories, produced by My Belly is Mine, Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A and the London Irish Feminist Network (LIFN), features Ann and Isabel in conversation at The Feminist Library. Ann remembers:

“With all these women coming… we wondered what in the hell we could do. And it’s important to say that this was very small scale. By today’s standards, things were quite primitive.”

In the film, Ann and Isabel share their experiences of volunteering in both support groups: they describe the organisation and the day to day of these support operations, how they managed to procure special deals for the women at clinics and raise funds; they tell too of the international spirit of cooperation of prochoice activists at that time. Ann also warns of the difficult decisions and financial costs Spanish women will have to bear if Gallardón’s antiabortion law is passed.

Repeating Histories: A New Wave of Irish and Spanish Prochoice Activism in London

Ann and Isabel often collaborate with Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A. and My Belly is Mine in prochoice actions. Isabel is also an advisor to SWASG 2.o.  In fact, the name SWASG 2.o was chosen as a tribute to the work of Isabel and her colleagues. Not only national links are forged with this current wave of Irish and Spanish prochoice activism in the British capital, but also intergenerational ones.

For the 2 minute trailer of Repeating Histories, click here.

For the version with Spanish subtitles, click here.