About us

Protesting at the Spanish Embassy in London.

Protesting at the Spanish Embassy in London.

Every woman should be able to choose if she wants children, and when and with whom she has them. My Belly is Mine believes a woman’s complete control over her own body is the very foundation of women’s liberation and an important step to true equality.

The proposal to reform the current abortion law in Spain was the wake up call that reminded us how easily women’s rights can be eroded, even within the heart of Europe. A draft bill was approved by Spain’s cabinet on the 20 December 2013 to ensure abortion is only allowed in the case of rape, serious foetal deformity or if the pregnancy presents a serious mental or physical health risk to the mother. Abortion rights are also restricted in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Malta, whilst it is under threat in a number of other countries, e.g., Norway and Lithuania. Similarly, abortion is not available on request in the United Kingdom.

Access to safe, legal, free abortion on request is a right that should be extended to women across national, social, ethnic and religious barriers. We campaign to achieve this.

Our current campaign was set up to support Spanish women in their fight against the proposed reform to Spain’s current abortion law. We stand in solidarity with Spanish women and defend their right to safe abortion.

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