“Justice” Minister Gallardón and his son are above the law

Spanish “Justice” Minister, Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón, the man behind one of the most cruel, misogynist and regressive laws in recent Spanish history, is forging ahead with his antiabortion draft bill despite international organisations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International condemning his proposed law.

Daddy will get me out of this one…

The man who believes he can decide the fate of thousands of Spanish women, however, is reluctant to divulge any information on his son, José Ruiz Gallardón Utrera, who was recently accused of being involved in a car accident and of fleeing the scene by taking refuge in his father’s house. Spain’s “Justice” Minister said of the incident: “it’s a family matter”. Since when are criminal investigations a family matter? Gallardón Sr. is not only an autocrat but he also clearly assumes he and his family are above the law.



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